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Exercise: how many reps, at what intensity?

Power is defined as the rate work is performed. It is different from strength. Strength is the force that is exerted by a muscle, or a group of muscles against resistance. Power is related to the ability to perform activities of daily living and mobility. According to med bridge, a continuing education platform, 20% of individuals over 70 and 80% of individuals over 90 are affected by mobility disability. Muscle performance training allows to decrease this rate of disability. One rep max is the amount of weight a person can lift for one repetition. During a workout, the intensity, one rep max percentage can help determine how much or how many repetitions should be performed of a certain weight. Many older adults can exercise at 70 to 80% of one rep max. This allows for the intensity to be anywhere between eight repetitions to 13 repetitions of a resistance exercise. The good news is most older adults can safely work out within this intensity level and see results.

Stay safe and continue exercising. Always make exercise fun.

Dr. Manuel Arruffat, PT DPT

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