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Exercise is recommended after cardiac surgery

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Cardiac rehabilitation consists of four phases. The first two phases of cardiac rehabilitation will include exercises that promote sitting, standing, and walking limited distances. Phase is three and four include more exercises monitored by a healthcare, professional or a fitness professional. Cardiac rehabilitation will help the patient return to function, make progress towards goals that will help prevent deconditioning and improve/maintain current level of independence with emphasis on self-care and activities of daily living. Consult with your doctor before beginning and exercise program and do not exercise if you feel pain in the chest, back, shortness of breath, any dizziness, nausea or any abnormality in your heart rhythm. It is recommended that a healthcare or fitness professional establish a plan of care that allows exercising within the target heart rate. Remember, exercise will help improve the cardiovascular system and increase your quality of life.

Stay safe, Remember, Exercise should be fun not work !! Dr. Manuel Arruffat PT DPT PES CES SSC

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