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Frequency of exercise in the older individual

As I mentioned in previous posts, 150 minutes of exercise a week and two times of strength training a week is a good goal to maintain. To be a little more specific, cardiovascular exercises should be done 3 to 5 times a week, that is a recommendation. For beginners, cardiovascular exercises do not have to be intense, they can be simply a brisk paced walk. The exercises can be progressed over time to become more intense as the goal is to prevent a sedentary lifestyle.

Remember, the goal is to gradually increase the intensity safely. You should still be able to carry a conversation, although it should be a little difficult. To sum it up, walking, biking, swimming, light weights, exercise machines are all great ways to exercise as they help make exercises fun and prevent routine boredom. Start this year with the goal of exercising 150 minutes a week. This should not be too difficult as there are 24 hours before in a day and 7 days in a wee ( a lot of minutes !). What works for me is I will usually watch a show as I am exercising and that helps keep my mind busy as I am exercising. Once you make exercise part of your routine, you will feel much better and it will become part of your lifestyle.

Be Healthy, Stay safe, Dr. Manny.....

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