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Kinetic Chain and Posture Assessent

How do we assess posture, is there a standard assessment tool that can allow us to have a qualitative measure or assessent of posture I the human body .According to NASM CES manual movement in the human body happens at the joints. Therefore , when assessing posture and identifying impairments,locations in the body known as kinetic chain checkpoints are recommended. These key locations include:

Foot and ankle (feet should be parallel pointing straight forward, hip/shoulder widt apart) arch of the foot neutral.

Knee in line with second/third toes (should not be flexed/hyperextended)

Lumbo-pelvic-hip complex neutral (no excessive posterior or anterior tilt

Shoulders and thoracic (middle) spine- should be rounded. They should be in line with the hips, ears views from the side.

Head and cervical spine should be neutral, no excessive forward posture. The ears should be in line with the shoulders and level with the chin.

These five kinetic checkpoints provide an effective way to check posture in the human body

and ensure that there are no deviations which can cause moving impairments. Remember posture is key and can avoid pain and further complications, decreasing your quality of life. Stay safe and remember exercise should be fun.

Dr. Manuel Arruffat PT DPT CES PES

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