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Muscular system: a quick introduction

There are approximately 650 muscles in the human body which can be categorized into three types of muscle: cardiac(heart),smooth(organs,blood vessels),skeletal (voluntary action,reflex).

When we refer to muscle, we mainly refer to skeletal muscle which is the muscle that produces voluntary movement and reflexes, ISSA Strength and Conditioning. Muscles have two points of attachment, they have an origin and an insertion. The origin is the muscle that is closest to the upper part of the body, or the head. This attachment is usually not as movable as the insertion. The other attachment, known as the insertion is closer to the feet and has more movement than the origin. Muscles are connected to bones via a tendon, which is made up of collagen. This describes the origin and the attachment of a muscle in the human body, which is responsible for movement.

Remember, stay safe and have fun. Exercise is not work, it is fun. You determine the intensity and amount of time of the activity, oh although I do recommend at least 15 minutes.

Your strength, coach and doctor of physical therapy.

Dr. Manuel Arruffat PT DPT CES PES

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Rosa Arruffat
Rosa Arruffat
Nov 18, 2023

Great introduction that every single individual should master to keep on a healthy muscular therapy!!

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