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Neuromuscular Control

Neuromuscular Control is important during exercises. Asymmetry and lack of neuromuscular input can contribute to movement deficits in the athlete. Postural deficits such as excessive valgus or varus ,dominance of anterior chain vs posterior chain can cause neuromuscular control imbalances . Hewlett and Bates 2017 describes ligament dominance, quadriceps dominance, and leg dominance. These dsficits can be assessed by a fitness professional and can be corrected via exercises. According to NASM Corrective Exercise Manual the athlete is first instructed in posture , then the progressions can be implemented. Exercises such as wall jumps, tuck jump, 180 degree jump can be applied. It is recommended to get assessed by a fitness professional and first cleared for exercise by a medical doctor.

Remember, Exercise is not work!! Stay safe and have fun exercising. Your Doctor of Physical Therapy and Fitness Professional.

Dr. Manuel Arruffat PT DPT CES PES CPT

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