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Repetitions and Sets

What is a repetition? A repetition consists of a movement when doing an exercise. Doing an exercise the muscles under tension and there are concentric, eccentric, and as times isometric movements . During the exercise there is a pause between the concentric and eccentric movements, in other words, there is a pause between the time the movement goes against the resistance and then slowly returns back to it was normal position. A good question is how many repetitions should one perform during an exercise to achieve either endurance, hypertrophy, max strength, or power. According to NASM and the repetition continuum the amount of reps to achieve stabilization or strengthen endurance are 12-15, hypertrophy would require 8-12, Max strength 1-5, and power would consist of 1-10. How many times should we repeat the repetitions or how many sets should we perform. The OPT model from NASM recommends 1-3 sets for stabilization or strength endurance,3-4 for hypertrophy, 3-6 for max strength and 3-6 for power.

Following this protocol can help ensure that the evidence-based amount of repetitions and sets can be performed to achieve results.

Remember exercise is NOT work, have fun and enjoy your activity.

Dr Manuel Arruffat PT DPT CES PES NASM

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