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You can get a good exercise at home

Sometimes we have days with very busy schedules, exercising at a gym or taking our favorite class may not be an option. The good news is you can still exercise at home and get benefits from your work out. There are many options to choose from when exercising at home. Exercise templates can be found online, YouTube being a very good example. There are many exercises to choose from whether you are looking to get a quick hi-intensity, workout or a body weight strengthening workout. If your budget allows it is a great idea to invest in an exercise bike, a treadmill, an elliptical machine, or just some basic weights. You do not need a huge budget or a fancy machine that cost thousands of dollars most exercise equipment is surprisingly affordable. remember exercising should be fun and should not feel like work. Your Physical Therapist/Strength Coach

, Dr. Manuel Arruffat, PT DPT PES CES SSC

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