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Manual Therapy/Stretching&Flexibility

strain/counterstrain muscle energy technique IASTM myofascial release

  • 1 h
  • session can be conducted at business location, fysioplus or client's home

Service Description

Manual Therapy helps restore body function applying massage, stretching (static and dynamic), and joint manipulation. Myofascial release can also be assisted by ergonomical designed instruments (IASTM) that help locate and treat restrictions in the fascia. This helps decrease inflammation, fibrosis and degeneration of tissues. IASTM is a pain free treatment that feels similar to a deep tissue massage. Joint mobilization is used by the clinician to improve range of motion and reduce pain. Joint manipulation is used to bring temporary relief of musculoskeletal pain , increase range of motion in a joint.

Contact Details


fysioplusondemand, Factory Street, Warwick, NY, USA

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