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A Guide to Periodization for Seniors: Optimizing Workout Routines for Lasting Fitness

Have you ever thought about how senior adults use periodization to get the best workout results?

This blog post talks about :

1.the basic ideas behind periodization,

2. cycles and phases,

3. how seniors apply periodization to their workout routines.

What Is Periodization

Periodization is a systematic training method that comprises dividing an exercise program into different phases or periods each of which has its own particular targets, intensity level, and focus area(Buskard et al., 2018). The fundamental objective of periodization is to eliminate plateaus, minimize the risk of injury, and, as a result, allow the body to advance continuously.

Periodization: Cycles and Phases

What are Cycles?

Cycles are an important part of the planning process that is used to make periodization plans.

There are three terms when referring about cycles in periodization: Macrocycle,Mesocycle,Microcycle

Macrocycle: a. Macrocycles are the big cycles that are used to plan out periodization over a longer time, like a year or several months.

Mesocycles a. Mesocycles are in the middle of macrocycles; they take the macrocycle and break it up into more specific parts that last for a few weeks or months.

Microcycle a. This is the smallest cycle and it focuses on the big changes in training that happen every day or every week.



Like cycles, there are also the phrases "base phase," "build phase," "peak phase," "taper phase," and "competition phase."

These have more to do with how hard you work or how intense your workout is than time block length. (Key word : Block!!)

In other words, a microcycle might only have one phase, while a mesocycle might have a lot of these "effort" stages. On the other hand, one "effort" phase may last for more than one micro- or mesocycle(Viorel & Vladimir, 2011).

Usually, each period builds on the one before it, which helps you keep up your exercise progress. This structure makes all the pieces fit together better, like a puzzle.

NIce, But how do I

Nice, But How does this periodization apply to seniors' workouts

The inclusion of periodization in the workouts of senior athletes can be especially beneficial since it provides for elaborated adaptations of training to the age-related modifications of strength, mobility, and recovery.

Ok, So basically:

Think Simple !!


How much effort do you have to make to get the desired outcome? You might get more done if you work smarter instead of working for a long time or trying harder.

Plan Ahead (Like Your Inner Pro)

Think about the exact results you want to see. After that, make a workout plan with macrocycles, mesocycles, and microcycles that will help you reach your specific goals. It's important to be able to measure your progress toward your goals.

Put It On Your Schedule (keep the schedule fun)

 It can be hard to find time to work out. But sparing a little time for your workout routine won't hurt your feelings. And regular workouts will always be better than intense exercises that are done rarely. I always like to share this with my clients, , make your schedule fun and don't get upset if you miss a workout.

Don't Set Up Many Goals

There are times when less is more. It can be distracting, demotivating, and useless to set too many exercise goals. One goal at a time!!

Accept Differences

When you work out, try to do different types of exercises in different places. Change the weight that your body is carrying. Modifying your activities can also help the body adapt and improve fitness. Don't be boring!!

Keep the Progressions Safe (Keep it Real!!)

"Couch to 5K" in one day is a very lofty goal. Start with a small training, then add progressions. This can keep you from getting hurt or burned out.

Do Not Overdo It

 Pay attention to your body. Make sure that you get enough rest and work out.

Be Whole

 For a complete exercise plan that covers all of your health needs, don't forget to include nutrition, sleep and stress management in your goals.

And remember stay safe, enjoy exercise and Exercise is NOT Work!!

Your Senior Fitness Specialist

Special Thank You to contributor:

Dr. Hunzala

Lal Chand Senior Technical Executive

 Dr. Manuel Arruffat PT DPT


Stretching and Flexibility Coach


Buskard, A., Zalma, B., Cherup, N., Armitage, C., Dent, C., & Signorile, J. F. (2018). Effects of linear periodization versus daily undulating periodization on neuromuscular performance and activities of daily living in an elderly population. Experimental gerontology, 113, 199-208.

Viorel, U. M., & Vladimir, P. (2011). Workouts Periodization and cyclicity to get in athletic shape for performance weightlifting. Annals of the University Dunarea de Jos of Galati: Fascicle XV: Physical Education & Sport Management(1).


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